是否改善国家安全, 探讨贫困问题, explaining human behavior or taking a critical look at inter国家 trade, OPE体育的社会科学研究致力于提高人类社会的知识,并解决21世纪的一些最大的社会问题.


  • 非裔美国人研究

    For students who wish to study the complex interplay between 政治, 经济, 以及塑造美国非洲裔后裔的历史成就和奋斗以及他们与世界各地其他人的关系的文化力量.

  • 非洲研究

    The Certificate in 非洲研究 provides opportunities to learn about the continent. The program offers classes in Africa's 政治, 经济, and 社会 历史; built environments and urban geographies; ecology, 遗传多样性, 和流行病学的担忧. The program also offers classes in Africa's vibrant art scenes, 过去和现在, 在文学, 音乐, and art have come to define a new post-colonial African cosmopolitanism.

  • 美国研究

    The program aims to give students an understanding of American society - its culture, 它的机构, 其知识的传统, and the relationships among its diverse people.  We encour年龄 study and debate about America’s place in the world and the world in America, as well as what it means to grapple with the horizons and limits of its democratic aspirations.

  • 人类学

    人类学系对当代现实以及人们创造和居住的社会世界采取一种解释性的方法. We are interested in the comparative study of cultures, their interplay and relation to the past.

  • 认知科学

    Cognitive science is the study of how the mind works, 利用心理学的研究, 哲学, 语言学, 神经科学, 和计算机科学. 认知科学的跨学科特征反映了对心理现象的不同层次的分析以及对不同层次的各种方法的运用.

  • Contemporary European 政治 and Society

    The program encour年龄s the interdisciplinary study of modern Europe, with a particular focus on politics, 经济学, and society in western and central Europe since World War I.

  • 经济学

    Princeton has one of the finest 经济学 departments in the world. 经济学一直是校园里最受欢迎的本科专业之一,吸引着各种各样兴趣广泛的学生群体. The graduate program provides thorough training in both the techniques and applications of 经济 analysis. 

  • 创业


  • 欧洲文化研究

    本课程通过跨学科的研究,加深学生对欧洲文明的理解,加强对文化解读的掌握. The program focuses on the ways in which European societies, 过去和现在, 秩序的现实, make sense of life and communicate meaning across a range of disciplines and in a wide variety of media.

  • 金融

    The undergraduate program focuses on the pricing of financial assets (including equities, 债券, 货币, 和衍生证券), portfolio man年龄ment and the evaluation of financial risks, banking and financial intermediation, 公司融资, 公司治理, financial-market and banking regulation, 还有很多其他话题.

    除金融工程和计算方法外,该研究生课程还着重于金融经济学. 学生 will develop a solid understanding of the fundamental quantitative tools from computer science, 经济理论, 优化, 概率, 和统计数据, all of which are becoming increasingly vital in the financial industry.

  • 性别与性研究

    The undergraduate and graduate programs are dedicated to the study of gender and 性uality, as well as their intersections with 比赛, class, 种族和残疾, across cultures and global geographies both 过去和现在. 

  • 全球卫生和卫生政策

    The program enables undergraduates to study the determinants, 后果, and patterns of disease across societies, the role of medical technologies and interventions in health improvements, 和经济, 政治, and 社会 factors that shape domestic and global public health policy.

  • 健康和健康政策

    The graduate program trains graduate students for careers in health-related areas in the public and not-for-profit sectors. 该课程为国内和国际卫生兴趣的学生设计,提供广泛的卫生和卫生政策核心主题的培训,以及专业领域的课程.

  • 历史

    The undergraduate program encour年龄s students to gain further knowledge of the major developments in, 和存在的问题, 历史, to do independent historical research and writing, and to develop an authoritative knowledge of one particular field of 历史.  

    The graduate program values an approach to scholarship grounded in the particular while retaining a sense of the whole. 学生 take a comprehensive a view of 历史 with the goal of cultivating a far-reaching understanding of the past. 在他们入学, students develop the necessary skills to conduct discipline-defining research.

  • 历史 and the Practice of Diplomacy


  • 历史上的科学

    本研究生计划旨在提高学生对该学科的热情,同时培养他们承担教学和研究的共同专业责任. The program treats science as an intellectual, 文化社会现象, 为学生提供专业历史学家教育中通常不包括的特殊训练和技术,同时为他们在通史方面的教学和工作做准备.

  • 拉丁美洲研究

    The undergraduate and graduate programs promote interdisciplinary study to inspire knowledge of and experience in Latin America.


  • 拉丁美洲研究

    The undergraduate program traverses the arts, 人文社会科学, seeking to provide students with a broad understanding of the emergence, 转变和巩固拉美裔作为一个泛种族群体,并欣赏拉美裔在美国社会和文化上的一系列印记.

  • 政治

    Undergraduates study is focused in four areas: American politics, 比较政治学, inter国家 relations and 政治 theory. There also is a strong concentration of courses in the area of quantitative analysis, 政治经济, 还有政治策略.

    该研究生课程旨在提供广泛的政治科学专业培训,使学生能够专攻政治科学的任何主要分支领域(美国政治), 比较政治学, inter国家 politics and 政治 theory), as well as public law and formal and quantitative analysis.

  • 人口研究

    The graduate program draws on substantive and methodological specializations in the 社会, mathematical and biological sciences. Building on its historical strengths in signature fields such as demographic methods, 生育能力, 健康和死亡率, the program emb比赛s prominent fields in population studies, such as inter国家 migration and development, 孩子们, 青年和家庭, as well as various aspects of 社会 and 经济 inequality. 除了, researchers are involved in new fields of inquiry such as epigenetics, 生态统计学, 社会 epidemiology and web-based experimentation.

  • 心理学

    本科课程提供了对人类行为和心理过程的严格理解,通过基础和高级课程的感觉, 感知, 运动, 语言, 推理, 决策, 社会 interaction and computational models of the brain. The psychology concentration also provides a grounding in 神经科学, since mental processes and behavior arise from the brain.

    The graduate program emphasizes preparation for research and teaching in psychology, with specialization in cognitive 神经科学, 发展心理学, 语言, 学习和记忆, 知觉和认知, 不平等的心理学, 社会神经科学, 社会心理学, 和系统神经科学. 

  • Public Policy (Princeton School of Public and Inter国家 Affairs)

    OPE体育官网公共与国际事务学院为那些希望从事公共服务并成为公共和国际事务世界领袖的本科生提供了一个多学科的文科专业. The curriculum is founded on courses relevant to the study of policymaking, policy analysis and policy evaluation. 学生 take courses in 经济学, politics, and either psychology or sociology.

    The graduate program offers a distinctive educational approach that strikes a careful balance between theory and practice. 研究生花时间发展分析技能,并获得关于世界上最重要的国内和国际问题的实质性知识. The two-year curriculum leads to the degree of Master in Public Affairs. 学生可以在该大学和合作法学院学习4年,获得公共事务和法律双学位. The school also has a graduate program leading to a Doctor of Philosophy in public and inter国家 affairs, as well as a one-year Master in Public Policy for mid-career professionals.

  • Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

    The undergraduate program draws on the humanities, 历史 and 社会 sciences to study of Russia, 东欧和欧亚大陆. 学生 develop expertise in a core 语言 of Eurasia and a scholarly grounding in the study of the region.

  • Science, Technology and Environmental Policy

    The graduate program develops a deep understanding of current scientific, technological and environmental issues and potential local, 国家 and inter国家 policy responses through a systematic introduction to the field of policy analysis. The Program provides interdisciplinary training that facilitates communication between technical experts and policy makers. 

  • 社会政策

    The graduate program addresses some of the most pressing problems in the U.S. and around the world where inequality generates conflict, 贫穷和偏见, 减少政治参与, and reduces opportunities for 社会 mobility. 学生 learn using the most rigorous tools of 社会 science to bear on these important questions.

  • 社会学

    The undergraduate program offers students a cutting-edge approach to the study of the 社会 dimensions of politics, 经济学, 历史, 心理学和人口统计学. 学生 eng年龄 in cross-disciplinary thinking in addition to a thorough grounding in a single field. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches to 社会 science are utilized by our students and 教师.

    The graduate program is oriented toward the foundations of sociological analysis, 包括社会学理论, research methods and 社会 statistics, and making significant contributions to the sociological literature.

  • 南亚研究

    The undergraduate program offers students the methodological and theoretical tools to study the 政治, 经济, 社会, 宗教, literary and cultural institutions of the region with particular focus on the modern 历史 of India and Pakistan. 学生 take a four-term sequence of 语言 instruction in Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit.

  • 老师准备

    该课程结合了课程作业, 研讨会, 实验室经验, 实地工作和实践教学,充分准备和认证,在中学和中学水平成功教学. Participants can earn certification in art, 英语, 数学, 音乐, 科学, 社会研究和世界语言. 该课程由新泽西州教育部和教育工作者资格认证委员会(CAEP)批准。.

  • 科技与社会

    The undergraduate program is targeted to students, both engineers/scientists and humanists/社会-scientists, who are interested in exploring the intersection of society and technology. 项目 of study are offered under information technology and energy tracks.

  • 城市政策与规划

    本研究生课程以先进工业化国家和发展中国家的城市和城市问题的跨学科和比较研究为基础. The certificate in Urban Policy emphasizes the 社会, 经济 and 政治 dimensions of urban problems. It is designed to prepare students for careers in urban policy analysis and development in inter国家 年龄ncies, 国家, 州和地方政府, think tanks and nonprofit organizations. The certificate in 城市政策与规划 builds on this scholarly foundation and adds a focus on physical planning.

  • 城市研究

    The undergraduate program offers an interdisciplinary framework for the study of cities, 都市地区, 城市和郊区的景观.

  • 价值观与公众生活

    The undergraduate program focuses on modes of inquiry into important ethical issues in public life. 该课程帮助学生培养进行此类研究的能力,并支持他们将这些智力技能应用于一个或多个相关主题的高级分析. 学生将会在公共领域对价值观进行深入的讨论,并将批判性价值观的观点融入他们未来的学习和追求中.